We have professional technical expert teams with 20 years experience in heat pumps field.



       China Palm A/C & Equipment Co. Limited is a company group mainly designing and manufacturing heat pumps energy-saving products.

       China Palm is a joint venture manufacturer with Spain technical company. We are equipped with advanced equipment,  experienced management, marketing, after-sales service, and professional technical experts teams with 20 years experience in  heat pumps field.

   Through cooperation with Spain Palm group technicians, China Palm  is developing the most advanced energy-saving heat pumps and air conditioning products on environmental friendly basis, including Air to water Heat pumps heater, heat recovery heat pumps, Heating cooling with DHW air source heat pumps, Heating cooling with DHW function water source heat pumps heater, Swimming pool heat pumps heater, DC inverter air conditioner, Duct air conditioner, Ceiling cassette air conditioner. With our long years experience in heat-pumps technology, we makes full use of the energy from the recyclable resource like air, sunshine, ground water and so on.  It brings a revolution to the energy-saving industry.

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