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Frequently Asked Questions for our Heat Pump!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Does the unit have a condensation collection tray and drain off point?

There is no drain pan. In the bottom there are two or three drain holes.

Q:Lead times for a container/part container?

The lead time for a container order is 4 weeks. Small quantity order lead time will be shorter between 10 days to 21 days depending on the availability of the components stock.

Q:Are there any restrictions as to where they can be sited?

There is almost no restriction for installation sites.

Q:What is the refrigerant gas and does it comply with European regulations?

The gas we are using for European market is R407C OR 410A. It is 100% non-ozone-depleting . If you prefer R407C, we can use a rotary compressor from Hitachi which is compatible with R407C gas. We ever produced this unit for some European clients.

Q:What about the payment terms?

For normal orders we request L/C or prepayment when the order is confirmed. As the order value is below EUR 3000, a small order handling cost of EUR 50 will be charged.

Q:What are the guarantees on units that you will give us?

As a standard policy we will provide free spare parts with a value equivalent to 1% of the total ordered value. According to the experiences from our clients these free spare parts are beyond enough for maintenance purpose in two years.

Q:Does the unit ever need draining?

When the air temperature is below 7 deg C or 8 deg C, ice will build up on the evaporator because the moisture in the air will freeze after the heat is absorbed by the cold refrigerant. The unit will automatically defrost the ice by reversing the refrigerant flow. Ice will become water and be drained out of the unit through some holes in the bottom of the cabinet. So if the unit is used in such a low temperature, we need to drain the water.

Q:What is the output within this

We do not have data with the unit when the air temperature is minus 5 deg C and the water temperature is maintained at 25 deg C. Our engineers estimated that the heating capacity of the unit will be approximately 2.3KW~2.5KW( the power input will also drop to about 0.7KW).

Q:What is the exact temperature range that the unit will work within?

We have two kinds of compressors in swimming pool heat pumps and air to water heat pumps. For big units with scroll compressors the lowest working temperature our clients in Europe have recorded is minus 19 deg C (in Sweden). In our lab the lowest temperature we can lower to is minus 10 deg C (you probably know the weather here in Guangdong China is warm even in winter). For small units like 6.3kw with rotary compressor conservatively speaking the lowest working condition is minus 5 deg C.

Q:What kind of heat exchange does Litec swimming pool heat pump use?

The heat exchange of Litec swimming pool heat pump is made from titanium, and is virtually impervious to water-chemistry damage.

Q:How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump simply moves heat from the air and transfers it to the pool/spa water. A heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle exactly like your refrigerator or air conditioner uses. A proven safe, economical and very trouble-free system.

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