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Multi-source heat pump technology Application

China’s annual sunshine time of more than 2,000 hours in the two-thirds of the land area, there is sufficient low-grade solar and other clean energy. The project to develop the cylindrical array volume phase change heat transfer and energy storage characteristics of the heat pump system for full use of solar energy and soil, renewable energy sources, the system’s operating costs than traditional heating, refrigeration system operation costs greatly reduced, the system will help to promote the use of high-carbon economy, alleviate many contradictions to reduce environmental pollution, with obvious economic and environmental benefits and good prospects of the industry. Research topics collector’s collector of low cost and high efficiency, easy maintenance. Phase change Regenerative devices can store solar energy not only during the day, at night and can use cheap electricity storage of soil and other sources of heat in the low energy, the power load to peak load shifting, a broad market prospect.

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